The Poppy PRO
The Poppy PRO

The Poppy PRO

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The Diamond Pro Range

The Poppy PRO is the upgraded, stylish, high performance version of The Poppy.


The Poppy PRO belongs to the ball-shaped family of bits. This medium sized ball shaped bit is perfect for removing non-living tissue after the proximal nail fold has been lifted. This bit can be used in place of cuticle scissors or nippers.

Its uses don't stop there, with a particular bit excelling at exfoliation and removing dry, hard, non-living tissue from the lateral folds.


But what is the difference between The Poppy & The Poppy PRO?

The visual difference you can see is the addition of groves across the working surface. Stunning, right? Right. But they aren't just good to look at. 

These grooves assist for an even smoother removal of dead skin from the cuticle area whilst also acting to dissipate heat EVEN QUICKER than usual. This means the life span of our PRO range can be up to 2 or 3 times longer than other diamond bits available.


The diamond coating is also insanely precise, consistent and, well, you'll see!

  • Unlike traditional diamond bits, our Diamond PRO bits are made from Carbide, not steel. This change in composition adds to the sturdiness, reducing the likelihood of vibration even more than steel
  • Suitable for left & right handed use
  • Shaft size is 3/32"
  • Will fit all major electric files
  • Works perfectly for manicure or pedicure treatments
  • Designed for work on pre-lifted, grown-out, stubborn cuticles (in place of nippers)
  • Exfoliates and removes non-living tissue from lateral folds
  • Comes in fine & medium
  • Works in forward & reverse rotation
  • Now available in BLACK
  • Premium+ coating for a more even contact and added durability
  • Grooves on the working surface to assist with your work, reduce heat / wear & extend lifespan 2 to 3 times longer
  • Head dimensions: Diameter 4mm

Diamond Bit Grits

  • Red Band (fine) - good for delicate and sensitive cuticles
  • Blue Band (medium) - good for normal & tougher cuticles


Recommended Speed: 3,000 - 5,000 RPM


Cleaning Your eFile Bits 

For details on cleaning, usage, lifespan & how to pick the right bits - download our TOTALLY FREE Bit Bible HERE

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