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As you've found your way to this page, you'll already know that as well as producing and selling an amazing range of products, we're also a fully accredited, highly rated Nail Tech Academy with locations throughout the UK.


While not every course is available in every location all year round, we thought we'd give you a quick cheat sheet to show the classroom course we do off and links to their pages.

Click on the course name to take you to that course page where you can see more details and available dates.

NOTE: If no dates are available, the linked page will not display


Course Name



(includes VAT)



Complete Nail Tech - Hard Gel £72 £440 3 + exam
Complete Nail Tech - Acrylic £72 £440 3 + exam
Natural Nail Specialist £60 £300 2
Manicure & Gel Polish £36 £145 1
Hard Gel Foundation £60 £300 2
Acrylic Foundation £60 £300 2
Electric File Workshop (Level 1) £36 £90 1
eFile Manicure (Level 2) £36 £145 1
Combi Manicure & BIAB (Level 2) £36 £145 1
eFile Online (Level 1) £36 £90 1
The All In One: Hard Gel £180 £0 -
BIAB Masterclass £36 £90 1
Hard Gel Progression £36 £145 1
Acrylic Progression £36 £145 1
Acrylgel Conversion £36 £145 1



Interested in VIP (accredited) or One to One (skill building) classes? Contact your nearest educator, listed below:


Location Instagram Email Link
Leeds DM me Email me
Glasgow DM me Email me
Congleton DM me Email me
Barnsley DM me Email me
Sheffield DM me Email me
Loughborough DM me Email me
Kidderminster DM me Email me
Braintree DM me Email me
Feltwell DM me Email me
Norwich DM me Email me
Bierton DM me Email me


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