The Complete Nail Technician Course

 Beginners Nail Course

The Complete Nail Technician course is available in two variants; Hard Gel & Acrylic. Read on to understand what is covered, who it's for and much more....

Content & Details


The Complete Nail Technician Course is a classroom course, split over 3 days with a separate examination day. But you also get access to hours of online learning to both prep you for Day One and help you to continue to learn, long after your classroom sessions are over.


Online Learning Section

Once you are paid & enrolled you will be given a NailLab account where you will be able to access & download the theory and technical manuals as well as watch & re-watch our pre-recorded online classes again and again.


Classroom Learning

You will spend three full days in the classroom, learning all of the most important aspects of the foundation programme. Before you attend the classroom sessions it is essential that you have read the relevant manuals and watched the relevant video tutorials as mentioned above, that will all be available in your NailLab account once payment & enrolment have been completed.


Course Structure

Once full payment is received and your online access is granted you will be able to get moving right away. You will have unlimited access to all of your online content for 1 full year from the start date of your course - this means you can always go back and re-watch what you have learned, long after you have qualified as a Nail Technician with us.

The classroom days will be split as follows. Remember, it is essential that the relevant online learning and manual sections have been watched & read before we cover each subject in the classroom. This will give you the advantage needed and a broader understanding of what is being covered each day.

Classroom Days (Days 1 to 3 typically 10am - 5pm. Exam day lasts 4 hours)
  1. Manicure & Gel Polish
  2. You will learn 4 different types of traditional manicures and the fundamentals of Gel Polish application.
  3. Nail Extensions (Tip & Overlay and Sculpting)
  4. Day two will show you how to extend nails using two different methods: Tip & Overlay followed by Sculpting using nail forms. You will also learn two salon shapes - square & almond as well as one colour application and french.
  5. Infills, rebalance and Removal
  6. Day three is all about follow-up treatments or visits to your salon by clients. You will learn how to efficiently infill, rebalance (change from one type of application to another) and safely remove extensions.
  7. Exam Day
  8. On the day of your exam you will have two separate examinations: Theory exam to test your knowledge followed by a practical exam to display your technical ability. Following completion you will be immediately informed as to whether you have been successful.



Who Is The Course For?


This course was specificallty designed for people looking to get into the industry as it covers all the basics you need to start. Our accredited beginners course means you will have the skillset to start your career and the accredited qualification needed to become insured & begin working.
This course, however, is also perfectly suited for those already qualified in either Hard Gel or Acrylic systems and are looking to convert to the other system.


Qualifications Needed To Attend?

As this course covers the foundations required to be a Nail Technician, no prior qualification is required!



  • What happens if I fail?
  • If you are unsuccessful on the exam day, try not to worry - you will be given the opportunity to resit the element that you did not pass on (theory or practical) for a fee of £50.
  • Can I start working once I qualify?
  • Once you qualify and receive your certificate, all you need to do is purchase your insurance and you are then ready to go!
  • Will I receive a certificate after I complete the course?
  • Absolutely. Successful students will receive two certificates which are accredited through ABT - this will allow you to insure yourself with ABT, too.
  • What if I cannot make one of the days?
  • In order to pass the course you are required to attend all days including the exam day - if you are unavailable, we do offer one-to-one cover days in which we can cover missing content. The fee for these days are £275.
  • What is my next step in learning once I qualify?
  • At The Nail Lab we have a whole host of online and classroom learning and no one option suits everyone. You will receive feedback at the end of the course where our Educator can direct you on what next steps suit you as an indivisdual.


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