The ePad - Black Edition

The ePad - Black Edition

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The ePad has arrivedIf you are a lover of desktop eFiles, The Cube or The Nail Lab products in general, take a seat... because you're going to LOVE this!


The sleek, modern design looks perfectly at home in todays modern salons - with a tablet-esque look to it!

The ePad comes with touch-pad style buttons that need just a gentle touch to increase, decrease, stop, start or pause rotation!


And yes, we said pause. If you're working and wish to temporarily stop rotation or even switch rotation just tap the pause button. With Smart Speed functionality, the device will remember the speed you were working at so once you resume, you're already at the desired speed. 

With your ePad purchase, you receive:

  • The ePad control panel with HD screen & touch-sensitive buttons
  • Charging cable with standard UK plug
  • Lightweight, slimline ePad handpiece


Key Features

  • 4.8 n.CM torque
  • 35,000 RPM
  • 60W powered control box
  • Touchpad buttons
  • Forward & Reverse functions
  • Pause function with built-in Smart Speed
  • Ergonomic, CORELESS, light-weight handpiece
  • Digital display showing speed & rotation direction
  • Stylish tablet-esque design
  • Bit holders to the rear of the device
  • Also available in white (see white edition page)

Buying yourself the right electric file is important. This tool will fast become an extension of your arm in the salon, perfect for removing colour, shaping, debulking, cleaning under the nail, cuticle work and pedicures.


Your purchase of a TNLUK automatically comes with a 1 year warranty. The warranty covers any electrical faults that are not a result of alterations made to the device or accidental damage. 

For details on what is included in the warranty coverage, please visit our policies page.



Maintenance & upkeep of your device is important. Whilst the general user guide comes with your purchase, please take note of the following advice to ensure your device remains within warranty for the full 12m duration.


    • DO NOT switch rotation between FWD/REV whilst rotation is in motion. Slow down rotation to zero or pause rotation first
    • DO NOT drop or bang your device
    • DO NOT spill liquid on your device
    • DO NOT start rotation without securely locking the bit lock
    • DO NOT start rotation without a bit securely fastened in the handset
    • DO NOT use any other power cable than the one provided with the device. And, if you use an adapter, please make sure that adapter is suitable
    • DO NOT use alcohol or acetone based products to wipe the front panel of the ePad as this can damage the surface of the machine and the button symbols
    • ALWAYS pause your device and allow it to stop before switching rotation

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