The Buttercup ELITE

The Buttercup ELITE

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The Diamond ELITE Range

The Buttercup ELITE is the upgraded, stylish, high performance version of The Buttercup.


The Buttercup ELITE belongs to the straight-top family of bits. Because of its shape and straight edge, it is perfect for those clients with stubborn cuticles that make it hard for a cuticle pusher to push them back - The straight edge of The Buttercup removes them with ease and pushes the cuticle back. Its narrowing, tapered shape make it ideal for even the smaller nail plates & makes cleaning the difficult to reach areas a problem of the past.


But what is the difference between The Orchid & The Orchid ELITE?

The visual difference you can see is the stylish, innovative geometric 'diamond cut' surface which does more than just look amazing. The design brings improved anti-clogging properties and the diamond cut surface and improved, uniform diamond grit give even more efficient removal of non-living tissue... speeding up your service time, improving your prep & extending the lifespan of the bit.

The diamond coating is also insanely precise, consistent and, well, you'll see!

  • Unlike traditional diamond bits, our Diamond ELITE bits are made from Carbide, not steel. This change in composition adds to the sturdiness, reducing the likelihood of vibration even more than steel
  • Suitable for left & right handed use
  • Shaft size is 3/32"
  • Will fit all major electric files
  • Works perfectly for manicure or pedicure treatments
  • Shaped to lift proximal nail fold & work around cuticle area
  • Premium+ coating for a more even contact and added durability
  • Our unique diamond cut surface design improves your work aesthetics, reduces clogging, increases efficiency, reduces heat / wear & extend lifespan 2 to 3 times longer 

Diamond Bit Grits

  • Red Band (fine) - good for delicate and sensitive cuticles
  • Blue Band (medium) - good for normal & tougher cuticles


Recommended Speed: 3,000 - 5,000 RPM


Cleaning Your eFile Bits 

For details on cleaning, usage, lifespan & how to pick the right bits - download our TOTALLY FREE Bit Bible HERE

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