Art Tool Set
Art Tool Set

Art Tool Set

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Nail Art is centrally to every nail technicians day-to-day - and it's equally important to us at the nail lab.

Our Art Tool Set brings together some of our Nail Art essentials in one handy set with an AMAZING discount.  

This set is available in black only - coated in our black plasma coating, all items in this set can be disinfected and even sterilised with confidence


The Ring Palette

A lightweight, black plasma coated palette than sits snuggly on your thumb or finger making picking up your colours easier. Gone are the days of decanting too much product or catching your sleeve on your desk palette - all thanks to the Ring Palette.

The Paris

The classic, dual ended, black plasma coated art tool. A soft curved needle for mixing colours for marbling, correcting application & more. The ball end, as expected, is for those cute finishing dots, small petals and touch ups. Such a handy tool to have - once you have it, you can't live without it.

The Lisbon

Our sleek, black plasma coated art tweezer is a thing of beauty. Slim, lightweight, ultra precise tweezer tips and a beautifully placed silicone cap. The tweezer is the perfect tool for picking up decals, stickers & foil and placing it precisely and delicately on the nail. And the silicone cap? Its flat surface is ideal for pressing your foils and stickers into place to secure them. 

The Berlin

This little beauty is perfect for decanting products of various amounts with two different sized spatula ends. Not only is it perfect for decanting colours on to a mixing tray or your brand new TNL Ring Palette, but if you're a user of acrylgel, then this is the tool you will always reach for to pick up the acrylgel and place it on the nail. Like The Paris - it's a tool you'll reach for again & again.

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