LED vs UV: Which comes out on top?

LED vs UV: Which comes out on top?

LED nail curing lamps have been gaining popularity in the nail industry in recent years, but what makes them superior to traditional UV nail curing lamps? Let's explore the reasons why LED nail curing lamps are the better choice for your nail salon.

Shorter Curing Time

When it comes to 100% UV vs 100% LED lamps, LED lamps offer a faster curing time compared to UV lamps. With LED technology, your clients can enjoy quicker and more efficient nail curing, saving time for both the technician and the customer.

Longer Lifespan

LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than UV bulbs, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. LED nail curing lamps require less frequent bulb replacements, reducing maintenance costs for your salon. UV bulbs are often recommended to be changed every 6 months whereas with an LED bulb, you're unlikely to need to worry about this as LED bulbs have a lifespan that should outlast your usage of the lamp.

Energy Efficiency

In an eco-conscious world, LED lamps are often seen as the better option as they consume less energy than UV lamps, making them the environmentally friendly choice. By using LED technology, you can reduce your salon's carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.

No Harmful UV Radiation

While both LED & UV lamps do emit UV waves, one of the key advantages of LED lamps is that they emit lower levels of UV radiation compared to traditional UV lamps. This means less risk of skin damage for both technicians and clients, ensuring a safer nail curing experience.

Alternative Lamps?

There are also UV/LED lamps available on todays market which, as the name suggests, utilise a mix of LED & UV bulbs inside the lamp. Given the saturation of products that cure perfectly using LED only lamps, the benefits of having a mix of LED & UV bulbs is somewhat unclear owing to the differing strengths, quality & lifespan of the two bulb types, you potentially run the risk of your lamp losing its thoroughness of curing without.

However, UV/LED lamps are certainly more performant than the older, outgoing UV only lamps which are rarely seen in todays modern salons.

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